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    "Create archive" option small bug and improvement

    thomas.amsler Level 3

      In the environment configuration you can choose to "Create archive" which packages all scripts into a ZIP. If active another configuration field is shown: "Self-hosted Path to Library"

      If you enter something in this field the script tag to copy is slightly wrong:

      • if your path starts with a / then the script tag looks like this: <script src="<your-host>//my/custom/path/launch-HASH-development.min.js"></script>
      • if you ommit the / then it is <script src="my/custom/path/launch-HASH-development.min.js"></script>

      The former has one / too many and later wont work on any page below the homepage.


      So please remove the additional slash and update the tooltip that you probably should start with a /


      If this option is enabled it seems the script hosted on akamai isn't updated anymore when the library is built. I would suggest to either have a "Self Hosted" Adapter option beside Akamai and SFTP which by default creates the archive or make sure the akamai file also gets updated with a new build of a library.