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    Is buying only ONE image no longer possible?

    DrStrik9 Level 4

      When I attempt to buy only ONE image from AdobeStock.com, I only get choices to be billed EVERY MONTH, for many more images than I need today. I am NOT WILLING to do this.


      Please someone tell me HOW to buy only ONE image from Adobestock.com.



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          DrStrik9 Level 4

          I Googled it, and am VERY SAD to see that greedy Adobe has just lost ALL my stock photo business.

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            twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

            Hi Michael,


            Sorry to hear that you are facing troubles with Stock services.

            I understand your concern and agree that there are certain situations wherein you would just need a single image and not the complete plan.


            We've discontinued the single image purchase option for all the users. The smallest subscription plan which you can purchase is the 3 standard assets a month which can be cancelled at any time and does include an annual commitment.

            I understand your requirements for the Stock images and since there is no such plan available as per your requirements, I would suggest you to check out credit packs offer.

            Currently, the most flexible option is to buy a pack of 5 credits, which can be used to license 5 standard images any time over the next 12 months.


            You can check the pricing for credit packs here: Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


            Please see Credit packs for Adobe Stock  for more details.


            Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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