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    Help with uni project

      ok so im doing a uni project and im doing a quick and easy snowboarding game i have made the game in 3D studio max and i need to import this 3D environment into director so i can control the snowboarder and play the game. I am quite a novice at director and believe i need a plugin to get my 3D environment into director can anyone help with this?
      Also i need to then use the arrow keys to control the snowboarder which i have been researching but not coming across much help so if anyone could help with this then it would be very helpful

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          Hi there, just come across your post while trying to find some help myself lol

          Anyway, what you need to do is:

          1. Update 3DS Max (service pack 2)
          2. Then restart the package and open your scene for the game
          3. File/Export - Scroll down the file types to export as and you will now find .W3D

          // .W3D is the only file type you can import into director for 3d scene's //

          That's basically how you export the scene so that you can then File/Import in Director

          - So far as controlling the snowboard here is a link to the codes for each key on a keyboard:

          I think you should be able to do the rest, hope this helped!