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    Dinamic link issue with 360 video


      Hello There,


      I'm having very annoying issue with Premierre pro & After effect dinamic linking.


      I need to track video in After effect + adding call out title, but linking doesnt work at all. No changes are showing in Premierre pro.


      I have new creative could installed, with Premierre pro and After effect. Dinamic link is showing correcly in Premierre pro, and when i check reveal in expolorer it does show correct AE project.


      2D video works just fine, and its linking works correctly, all changes done in AE can be seen in Premierre right away, but it doesnt work for 360 video. I'm using Canvas 360 for tracking. i have also tried AE tracking tool, but the same result, no changes can be seen in premierre pro.


      Please help.


      Kind regards.