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    Time Code offsets: SMPTE vs QuickTime: Dealing with the offset

    Premiopolis Level 2

      We've got miles of footage with SMPTE time code typically capturing time of day.

      We've got producers/writers viewing everything on QuickTime, VLC, and a transcription service all of which zero out the time code.

      This creates heaps of file-specific TC offsets.


      It's entirely possible to rectify the 0-hour-based scripts to the SMPTE sources by cuing to the beginnings of clips and typing "+TC:They:Read:Off:Their:Screen"

      But it is hardly ideal.


      We could also 0 out the TCs on all our source clips to match, which will cause a few other problems in the post-pipeline.


      Avid has an interesting solution to the problem: Auxiliary Time code which is both set-able and cue-able.

      So for the above-described workflow you would 0 out all the Auxiliary Time Codes, then set Aux TC as a "top-most" readout above the source monitor, and, behold, you can type in the zeroed TC directly into the UI and go directly to the proper cue point.  In this way you protect the SMPTE TC, respect the Zeroed TC from the Producer/Writer workflow, and achieve all around post-production mirth.


      Is there a similar ability hidden somewhere in Premiere: That is, an ability to display an Aux TC that can be cued by typing into the UI?