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    Scrollbars in Mx 2004

    mking10 Level 1
      Hi folks, I am a bit of a beginner with both Flash and ActionScript, and I am trying to dabble with things way above my actual level, so I am experiencing some problems while trying to make a scrolling dynamic textfield in MX 2004.

      Strangely, the scrolling up button works. It is the scrolling down button that does not. It is sending me a bit batty because all I can fathom is that there is some problem in the code, and it looks like it has something to do with there being a unexpected '}' However, I only have one curly bracket at the end of the code and whether I leave it in or take it out, the bar will not scroll up.

      I have pasted the full code Output code below, if there is anyone who can fathom it out and tell me what I am doing wrong.

      Thank you folks. I really appreciate the help I have been getting in these boards.