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    [ActionScript 2] - LoadPolicyFile / crossdomain.xml Firefox problem

    whiteshadow2008 Level 1
      I'm developing a flash tool which needs to send and receive data from an external webservice.

      The flash tool is hosted on another domain than the webservice, so I need to specify the location of the crossdomain.xml file (because the crossdomain.xml file is not located in the root of the domain)

      To make this work I use the following line of code:
      System.security.loadPolicyFile(" http://..../subdir/crossdomain.xml");

      When I run the flash from within Internet Explorer the Webservice is working as expected. In Firefox however I receive a popup with an authentication window. It looks like the flash applet in firefox is trying to load the crossdomain.xml from the root of the external domain (because in this case the root of this domain is password protected) and doesn't use the url of the crossdomain.xml file location which i defined.

      Can anyone help me with a solution for this problem?