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    CFinput and autosuggest difficulty

      Hello all,
      The CFinput and Autosuggest seemed like they were going to work great. I was trying to use this format:
      <cfinput type="text" name="OP12" autosuggest="#valuelist(get_drivers.DRIVER_NAME)#">
      get_drivers is a CFquery in the same .cfm file, and DRIVER_NAME is a column the query returns. But the DRIVER_NAME is last name COMMA first name: ie Emery, Scott. The valuelist takes a comma seperated list for the autosuggest. When I run it like this, I expect to see Emery, Scott as one of the choices, but instead I see Emery on one line and Scott on another line. Is there a way I can escape the comma that is between the names?
      Maybe there is a better way of getting the list, or maybe I can use a replace function to change the comma to a different character that looks like a comma.
      Thanks in advance