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    Standard License OK for placeholders on POD merchandise?

    Fiorenzo64 Level 1

      Hi all


      Quick question: is a Standard License enough for watermarked placeholders/samples on POD merchandising, or do I need to purchase an extended license, even if the images are just used as placeholders for the customer's own photos and not as part of the merchandising design for sale?


      In practice: for some designs on specific POD products I need people (e.g. military, couples, babies) portraits to work as placeholder for the customer's own photo. The images will have a prominently visible and sized watermark such as "Replace with your own photo" written on them.


      In terms of the size of the image, if standard licenses are allowed: would I need to buy the license size that covers the final size of the printed item (even if it's not supposed to be printed) or can I buy a smaller size that fits the biggest size of the product image shown on the POD website?