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    Strange behavior with develop preset


      I have a develop preset which adds a graduated filter to the top and bottom of the image. For some reason, when I apply the preset now, it adds the filters to the left and right sides of the image instead of the top and bottom.


      I've tried moving the filters back to the top and bottom and updating the preset's settings. I've tried creating a new preset. Same thing happens each time when I apply the preset--it puts them on the left and right sides of the image.


      I recently updated to the new classic cc version from an earlier version, though I don't know if that's related. I'm on release 7.4, Windows 7.




      ****update: The same behavior is happening with multiple presets that add graduated filters. For all of them, when I created them they included a filter on the top, bottom, or both. But whether applying the preset results in them getting added to the sides depends on whether the image is landscape or portrait orientation. So has something changed with the latest update, that when you save a graduated filter as a develop preset, it doesn't define the setting as "top" or "bottom" but "long edge" or "short edge"? If so, is this editable? I often want a filter on the sky, no matter which way the image is oriented.