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    Can't create new collection sets when Add to Collection selected

    Jim_Palik Level 1

      I am on LR Classic CC 7.4 - I started maintaining high level collections long before LR created the ability to "Add to Collection" during import. When I import I Copy as DNG and Add to Collection. LR will not allow me to create new collection sets under current collection sets during import.



      For example, as an international travel photographer I have a collection sets of more than two dozen countries with dozens of city sub collections and date based collections within the cities

      1-Country / City / Date


           Bad Gastein

                090112 Sport Gastein Ski Center


                140921 Schloss Eggenberg


                yymmdd xxxxx xxxxxxx xx

           . . .


                yymmdd xxxxx xxxxxxx xx

           . . .



                yymmdd xxxxx xxxxxxx xx


                yymmdd xxxxx xxxxxxx xx

            . . .

      If I am in a new country or new city in an existing country I must add it to the top level of my collection before I import the image set. This is constantly causing me to stop and go back to update my hierarchy before continuing. In addition, the lookup table is really clunky without expandability.


      In addition the collections by country city ... I have collections by Category, Events, Clients etc. Are there any plans to update this feature?