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    Visitors by number of monthly visits, over time

    emiliog Level 1

      Hello, I'm trying to create a report that looks, over time, how many unique visitors had a specific minimum amount of visits every month.


      So let's say I wanted to know how many unique visitors paid at least 5 visits a month, for a 12 month period.


      If I choose the time range for a specific month only, the real number comes out.


      Also, if I use a segment with "last month" "2 months ago" and "3 months ago" (and visits equal or greater than 5) in Analytics Workspace, the right numbers come through just fine.


      But when I create a segment specific for each month of the year, or just break it down by month, the number of unique visitors just mushrooms, since it's pulling the aggregate.


      Ideally, the way to do this is to expand the "3 months ago" category, but there is nothing automatic about that. Any suggestions?