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    Trouble with dreamweaver integration

      I installed Dreamweaver CS3 a while ago and was using it with Fireworks 8. I just upgraded to fireworks cs3. I changed the preferences so Dreamweaver looks for cs3 instead of 8. But when I go to edit a png from the link in dreamweaver, I don't have full access to the png. My graphic is there, but I can't access the popup menu. If I just open the same file in fireworks, it works just fine. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix that?
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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant
          Do you have a Site defined in Dw? This is required I believe.
          If not, then define the site then follow along below.

          Then reopen the original .png file, save it under a 'folder' under the site.
          Resave it out as gif or jpg to a folder under the site.

          Now in Dreamweaver, select the image, go to the Property Inspector, and click the Fw icon command. This will launch Fw, using the source .png file.

          In Fw you should notice a few extra items - upper left (Tab Bar) should have a Done command button with a line of text to the right of it saying 'Editing from Dreamweaver'. Click Done when you know you are finished with editing to close down the file.

          On the right (Tab Bar) you should see an up/down 'Get/Put' File Management icon command. This allows you to seemlessly make edits to the source .png file 'Put' it back to the dreamweaver site and upate the image in your html file.

          File > Update within Fw also equates to 'Pushing' both the source and the optimized image back to your Dw site.

          Hope these makes sense.