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    Crash with Microsoft Project

      I am able to work in Microsoft Project without an issue. But, I have a problem when I record myself working in Microsoft Project (same file, same steps). When I change the contents of a Project cell, both Project and Captivate crash. Has anyone else had a problem recording Microsoft Project with Captivate? I'm not a Project user; I'm doing this for a colleague. He said it wasn't a Project problem. I appreciate the help.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to the Captivate user community, Michelle!

          While I've not heard of Captivate crashing when used with Project, that doesn't really mean anything. It's quite possible that they can't peacefully work together. (Lord knows I know humans that don't have that capability!)

          You may wish to try using the Windows Remote Desktop feature to establish a connection from your PC where Captivate is installed to the other person's PC running Project. Then record the steps while remotely viewing their PC.

          Thinking out loud... Rick