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    Proxies taking FOREVER to encode




      I am working with 4k 30p footage.  In order to edit without it skipping, I was instructed to create proxy files in 720p. I followed instructions and created the Ingest settings when opening my project, etc. The files are taking like 45 minutes each to encode into proxies and thats only if i do 1 at a time. If i try to encode all 50 files in the queue at once, it freezes/ crashes after about 6 files.


      I am on a Macbook pro 2017 with 16gb ram and a 500gb hard drive i7 processor. I feel like this should be enough to work with 100gb of footage.


      Can anyone PLEASE help me create proxies faster or edit without lag?


      Thank you !

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Using one of the Cineform presets that comes with PrPro is generally best for performance, they include a couple, pick one in the same aspect ratio as your media. And you can go with a quarter size one for proxies. 960x540 is what I do a lot.


          Of course that's assuming yours is actually UHD (3840x2160) rather than full 4k ... 4096x2160. Different aspect ratios.


          Now, you're making proxies for 100GB of original media? PrPro takes 4-5 times on disc in space during exporting process than what it will end up with.


          That's a huge project doing proxies for 100GB of original media. Will take some hours and much disc space. Hopefully on a different disc than what your original media and project are on.