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    'QDialog' file not found error occur on compilation Using QT Frameworks for Create Dialog in CS6 Plugin

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      Dear Friends,


           We want to modify one CS6 plugin. That plugin was created with using XCode 5 and QT for Dialog creation.    

           We try to compile this plugin source on XCode 9.3 with same CS6 version.

           But Compilation error occur on it.

           In this plugin have to use 4 framework . We also using this same framework to compile.

           But the following error was occur.


                     #include <QDialog>


                     'QDialog' file not found.

           Actually QDialog.h file was placed on QtWidgets.framework.    

           We also try to change framework path in XCode property with current framework placed location.

           We are also try to set as like below format.


                 #include <QtWidgets/QDialog>


                'QtWidgets/QDialog' file not found.

           but it is also occur same error.


      How to solve this problem?

      Is there have i make any mistake to call header files from framework replay to me.

      Is they have any idea about that problem, please help me.  

      we need your helps to solve this problem.