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    Add existing take to new puppet

    quasi Digi Level 1



      I have a puppet controlled by a take and would like to use that same take to control another puppet in the same scene.

      Does someone know how to do it?



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          alank99101739 Level 5

          As of 1.5 (current release) you can select the take in the time line, edit/copy, select the other puppet, edit/paste. It’s that easy now - just a copy of take and paste into new puppet.


          i don’t think you can share the take (eg so same edits go to both) - but an advanced technique is you create one puppet with the two pieces of artwork in it. (You can have multiple root level layers in the one artwork file, but you may need to add some extra behaviors if you want to adjust the two characters separately. But this was one way to get rear dangling hair working - but having two puppet artworks st same location.). This approach is mainly useful if the two characters always move in unison - I copy/paste the takes normally.

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            quasi Digi Level 1

            Super, thank you very much.