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    Scrollable Image

      What's the easiest way to create this type of scrollable image in flash...the easiest way. Once on site click on "Specificationes" and you'll see it.


      any help ASAP will be greatly appreciated, thanks. Or is there a better way.
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          RossRitchey Level 4
          easiest method would be to make the image in Photoshop and load it into a ScrollPane, though I am not sure that honda used an image to create that.
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            rgsdot Level 1
            The scroll pane worked perfectly. Another question has come upon; how can I make a button in flash, download a file such as a PDF file.
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              Hey. Can you explain how to "load it into a ScrollPane"? I've been trying to make an easy scrollable image as well (new to Flash and actionscripting, please bear with me). I am able to scroll an image retrieved from the internet or a path on my computer, but I haven't been able to change the scripting (provided in Flash's Help menu) so that I can scroll an image that I have in the Library. Please help.
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                RossRitchey Level 4
                Make a MovieClip symbol out of the library image. Right click on the MovieClip and select "Linkage" Check the "Export for Actionscript" and make sure that "Export in the first frame" is checked (it is by default). Click OK. Now, you can use the MovieClip name (its library name) to load it into the ScrollPane. The ScrollPane first looks in the library for anything that fits, then, if it can't find anything there, it tries to map to the path in the file system.
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                  hmcka Level 1
                  This is exactly the type of hint I needed to point me in the right direction. It works great. TY!