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    Adjust several photos



      I have two problems that I am sure have been addressed before, yet I cannot find anything.


      In a nutshell, I am looking for ways to adjust several pictures by the same value, irrespective of the individual value a picture had before.


      This means two things:


      1. I want to apply let's say the Autoajust to all my pictures in a first step. Then, knowing that I like all pictures to be a little warmer, I want to raise the temperature of all pictures by 100 K, irrespective of the initial (totally different) values my pictures have due to the previous auto adjust. Is that possible?


      2. I would like to apply some settings to all of my pictures and then keep these values as '0' for the later individual editing.

      As an example, I might want to Auto Ajust all of my pictures and have the resulting values 'burnt in', so that when I later adjust a few value and than kick onto the go back / discard button (my LR is in German, so I don't know the real name), it will not go bank completely to the state I imported the pictures, but to the point where I starts my manual adjust. Off course I can archive this by doing all the bulk adjustments, then expiry all pictures to tiff and reimport, but I am sure there is a better way.


      Thanks in advance for your help!