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    Video and audio clips in the timeline are replaced by random clips from long-ago projects

    Candu Randu

      I have the latest version of Premiere.


      For the last few days, audio clips were being randomly replaced by other clips from much older (6+ months) projects. Now, random video and audio clips from old projects are replacing the current video and audio clips I'm trying to edit.


      I didn't close Premiere at all. I'll be working on the timeline- everything's fine, then I'll click onto another tab on the computer to answer an email (for example) and when I click back, a clip from February or April or from months ago is now on timeline in place of the video clip that I was working on.


      The new, unwanted clip was never in the project bin for the current project. But it is now.


      All of the clips that show up are green screen clips, but that is 95% of what I shoot anyway, so I don't know how significant that might be.