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    Design Challenges?? How do you feel about them?

    Carol Wiley

      Adobe, would you do a contest on revamping your website? How about redecorating the interior of your corporate offices? How about a contest on best new software -- is that next?  A successful graphic design involves solving problems, and creating solutions.  Its not a pretty picture to enhance your web pages...


      For the recent Bauhaus contest that was just announced, the prizes are really nice, but only a couple designers will win.... meanwhile ALL of these other designers, many of whom are hopeful emerging students, will be spending a lot of valuable time doing Adobe's marketing work for free... and without the appropriate information to really do a good job. I wish Adobe would respect graphic designers more, and "hire" an amazing team of designers rather than entice students or newbies to enter their contest.  Maybe they can be asked to show their work, in order to be considered for the team.... but a contest?  It really is a slap in the face every time I see a contest, and especially from our own Adobe who creates our software. Stop this. RESPECT PLEASE.



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