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    Can I extract image from a DNG?

    KarolNoe Level 1

      Hi, when I make DNG in Adobe DNG converter, besides the DNG File i have small JPG Thumbnail image size 192x256px.

      Can I extract the same full size image preview straight from a DNG File?


      Thanks, Karl

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have never done it. I seldom use DNG. However, I searched the web and found this article that might be of some assistance. Don't know if it will steer you in the right direction or not.

          How to extract the full size Jpeg preview from a DNG

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            KarolNoe Level 1

            Hi, Yes, It contains command line to a program exiftool. Good point is Large JPG Preview is also available. Bad point is I already tried medium JPG And It is probably very compressed, so I would rather find a Way to get the same look from a DNG to get a Tiff file?

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              Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

              Exactly what are you trying to achieve?

              The normal way to get a jpg from a DNG is to open the file in Lightroom or Camera Raw, and then export as jpg. (or Tiff)

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There is a difference between having software to extract an embedded preview that some other software already put into the DNG and using software to create a new image from the DNG data using software.  Which are you trying to do?


                If you extract the embedded preview JPG it is a JPG that was put there by either the DNG Converter using Adobe default settings, or it was put there by whatever software last updated the preview of the DNG.  How much it is compressed depends on the settings of the software that created the preview and embedded it into the DNG.  Since you are extracting already-produced JPG data it won't help to make a TIFF out of it because the compression artifacts are already there.


                Perhaps you have no licensed Adobe software installed and are looking for a way to get an image from your raw files for free, and converting to DNG seems like a good way to do it, and now you're just trying to optimize that image to have the least compression possible?  If you are using the DNG Converter, then make sure the option for preview sizes is set to Full instead of Medium or None:


                In any case, you can use EXIFTool to *extract* the embedded (not create a new) JPG Preview from a DNG into a JPG of the same base filename, then copy the EXIF metadata from the DNG to the JPG, because the extracted JPG will have no metadata.  Here are the three lines of a batch file that I use to do it.



                exiftool -b -PreviewImage -w .jpg *.DNG

                exiftool -tagsfromfile %%f.DNG -makernotes -make -model -all *.jpg


                It assumes that exiftool.exe is in the same folder and has been renamed from the default name of exiftool(-k).exe


                If you are trying to create a new image from the DNG raw files and don't want to pay Adobe, then there are probably several free raw processing software packages that will do it, but you'd probably be better off start