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    Going from Avid MC to PPro CC.... many issues.


      Adobe Premiere Pro CC

      HP Z840 workstation  64 GB RAM

      Storage: via multi-terabyte fiber connected server



      I am a retired editor helping out a broadcast production house who have switched from decades of Avid MC to Adobe Premiere CC. This house mainly produces 1920 x 1080 29.97 fps,  48K 24 bit .wav audio, Broadcast Standard programming. The majority of in-house created media is Sony XDCam 50Mbs. Editing is done in native XDCam. Shared media is also used for web presentation.

      In the three months since changing from Avid MC to PPro CC, editors have been plagued with many frustrating errors. Mainly, the dreaded Red Frames in editing and output. And, intermittent audio dropouts, also in editing and output.


      Yes, changed preferences and de-selected "Enable Accelerated Intel H.264......" No video joy. And all audio is imported as .wav files.  No audio joy.

      So, Adobe .... any suggestions?