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    RoboHelp help site trouble.

    HKabaker Level 2
      I think we've talked about this before, but I'd like to revisit the issue.

      When you click "Help > Contents and Index" in RH, a new window displays Adobe's Web-based version of help for RH. The home page has a TOC and topic frame.

      Links to topics from the TOC work OK, breadcrumbs work, intertopic links are good, and so on.

      However, the two navigation options at the top -- "Browse" and "Search" -- garble the display of information from Adobe's RH 7 support pages.

      Browsing to RoboHelp in the dropdown list encounters a script error, which you can dismiss. The "RoboHelp 7 resources" page appears in a condensed window that has no scroll bars, no min/max control and no window navigation. Links to Live Docs take you back to the appropriate section of the Help package you just came from. Links to PDF documents from the Resources page run into a security block, apparently at Adobe's end.

      Search results appear in a new window, "LiveDocs Search Results," with the same faults as the Browse window. Links from here open the appropriate topic in a new window without the TOC. Clicking "Home" in breadcrumbs at the top takes you to a TOC book home page, but there's no TOC. At least you can browse the book's breadcrumbs, but you can't go anywhere else until you return to the RH Help menu.

      Last I heard, the recommendation was to check the "Use Offline Help" option in RH Tools > Options > General.

      I tried browsing to another Adobe product support site. That one was OK.

      So we know Adobe can make this work. Why not for RH?