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    Audio troubles.

    Roman H.2001


      So I am editting my new film project on premiere, which takes several days. Now I've already editted 21 scenes and almost each scene is shot on a different card/day. This means that a lot of the clips are named the same, for example, they're located at: Main folder>shooting day folder>A/B cam folder> 00001.

      Now there are a lot of 00001's etc in the main folder, divided over several shooting day/A/B cam folders. So you'd think no problem.


      But when I re-open my project in premiere sometimes the audio of a completely different clip is played over the wrong clip. The odd thing is that the audio peaks are still from the old clip, it's just that the played audio is the wrong one. A way to fix this is to rename and replace every clip with a unice name but this would take me days. Is there an easy way to fix this?


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