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    Increasing Cloud Storage limits


      Good morning, I am from South Africa and don't know where to address my issue with the cloud storage that is full. I have only used lightroom for one month in January after which I stopped it, can it be full? I have just downloaded it last week again for a year. I hope the right people see it here. Is there a way to delete stuff to make space?


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          Abambo Adobe Community Professional

          I branched your post to a new discussion and moved it to the Lightroom CC — The cloud-based photo service forum.


          I suppose you use Lightroom CC? Or are you using Lightroom Classic CC (Photography plan)?


          Lightroom CC does upload your full resolution pictures to the cloud. If you have the Photography plan, you have limited 20Gb space. That fills up with a very little number of pictures.You should either use Lightroom Classic CC or switch the plan to Lightroom CC (without Photoshop) or a hybrid plan (giving your Ps, Lr CC and Lr Classic CC and 1Tb of cloud space).


          If you have the Lightroom CC plan with 1Tb of space, your pictures are taking more space then the space allocated and you need to upgrade your cloud space.

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