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    update a file share -did something change?


      Help please.   I have Acrobat DC and the Cloud Service.  I thing I have lost my mind.   Did something change?


      Here are my steps:


      1.  I create a PDF document on my desktop and upload it into the cloud.

      2.  I then create a link to track it from the online cloud feature.

      3.  I send the link to the client. 

      4.  Upon review I find that there was some error or typo or change in the doc, I then either edit the doc online or local saving it to the cloud with the new version, same file name. 

      5.  What used to happen was that the link would remain active and the updated document would appear when the link was clicked.

      6. What happens now is that the older version stays with the link.  Even if I replaced the file in the cloud.


      I want to be able to keep the link the same but update the file.   What am I doing wrong ?   Puzzled.


      Happy to upgrade my service to whatever necessary, but I want that link to always reflect the most up to date file.