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    QTP not able to find the object Erro # 1009 when viewstack and canvas object has been added to view.

      Hi ,

      I have a test scenario where in i have to click a image and the piece of code which runs this one in QTP is .

      Browser(g_szBrowser).FlexApplication(g_szFlexApplnName).FlexBox(g_szFlexBox).FlexBox(p_szA uName&szView).FlexPanel(p_szAuName&szPanelName).FlexPanel(p_szAuName&szShelfpanel).FlexIma ge(p_szAuName&szImgName).Click

      But in the subsequent builds the flex image object heirarchy is changed and there were two more components viewstack and canvas has been included.So the above line of code changed to

      Browser(g_szBrowser).FlexApplication(g_szFlexApplnName).FlexBox(g_szFlexBox).FlexBox(p_szA uName&szView).FlexPanel(p_szAuName&szPanelName).FlexPanel(p_szAuName&szShelfpanel).FlexVie wStack(p_szAuName&szViewStack1).FlexCanvas(p_szAuName&szCanvas).FlexImage(p_szAuName&szImg Name).Click

      Now the above line of code is not working and it seems like a problem in finding the view stack object .Even when i try to find a viewstack object using if..else loop it fails.But the same line of code working fine when i dont use Descriptive programming and use the Object repository available in QTP .Is there any limitations available on a flex plugin side on drill down or finding the objects.? May be if there is a object existing after the 6 to 7 controls ? I started a debugger and this is what it has to say

      [28/4/2008 12:12:48:765] Level: Error, Cat: LogCatPackTEA, teautil.cpp Line=115 Function=TEAUtil::LogAUTError ThreadId=5932
      TEAAutManager::FindObjectId(): Failed calling FindObjectId() API [ Error #1009 ]
      [28/4/2008 12:12:48:765] Level: Error, Cat: LogCatPackTEA, teaquery.cpp Line=103 Function=CTEAQuery::QueryIdFromContainer ThreadId=5932
      CTEAObject::QueryIdFromContainer(): Failed in FindObjectId() call .