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    Why presets look different in Lighroom Classic and CC?

    amandad83991895 Level 1



      I primarily use Lightroom Classic and occasionally use Lightroom CC + mobile CC. Recently, I edited photos in the Lightroom mobile app on my phone and saved presets from the edits to CC. They synced to Lightroom CC on my laptop. I then exported them and imported them to Lightroom Classic, since I prefer working in Classic. When I applied the same preset to the same photo in Classic, both edits in CC and Classic look totally different. I double checked to see if any settings or selections were different between the both, but found that both were the exact same.


      Does anyone know what could be causing this issue? (Photos below for reference)


      Lightroom Classic (top), Lightroom CC (bottom)


      LR Classic.pngLR CC.png