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    issues with firefox

      i'm not much of an expert, in fact this is my rookie web design experience. i thought i had everything done correctly as the browser previews within dreamweaver made everything look great. and then i uploaded the site and have found problems with firefox.
      here's the url: http://www.arch-office.com
      the first of two problems (and they're in firefox and firefox only):
      on the 'work' page, small gaps appear between the tables, and it makes the whole page grow in length. it's a small glitch, but it's driving me crazy.
      the second of two problems: on the CSS style sheet i set all the used font-families to "geneva, arial, helvetica, sans-serif". yet in firefox (on the web, not previewed through dreamweaver) all this text is converted to what looks like a generic 'style-less' font, which is much harder to read. this is also driving my a little loopy.
      once again, it looks great in safari and IE on both mac and windows OS. it's only different in firefox.
      bonus problem / question: it seems that the letter-spacing rule in the block within a CSS style is more sensitive in firefox than in safari. as in, it reacts to fractions of pixels while safari seems to round up to the nearest pixel. it's not driving me that crazy. just making me curious.
      if anyone can help or offer advice i'd be very grateful, thanks.