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    textfield with htmltext does not display multiple spaces entered by the user

      when using a uitextfield that has some htmltext, the spaces entered by a user at the end of the textfield are not displayed and do not affect the size of the textfield until a non space character is entered.
      1. run the attached code
      2. click on the text field
      3. move the caret to the end of the text
      4. enter several spaces
      at most one space is diaplayed, all the other spaces are not shown.
      5. enter a non space character
      all the spaces entered at step 4 are displayed along with the last character.
      This behavior is different than how the textfield behaves when it only has text instead of htmltext, in which cases it grows normally when a space is entered.

      Is there a way to display the spaces entered during step 4 ?