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    One clip, 2 keys, 2 different backgrounds?


      I am trying to figure out a way to accomplish this.  I will try to explain my question clearly:


      I have a video clip with a green screen background


      The subject has a bright orange shirt


      I would like to key out the background and replace it with something else, a cloudy background for example.


      I would like to also key out the shirt and replace it with something else, a clip of flashing lights for example, or some color changing clip.


      Is this possible to do?  I realize I can render the entire clip with the cloudy background first, and then go back and try to key out the shirt, but in some situations, the background I did first could contain the same colors as the shirt, so this might not work.


      Being able to tie a particular layer to 1 key, and another layer to the 2nd key would be GREAT.