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    Autopay, Refunds? and


      I've been using Lightroom for years. It's been a great tool that I've been very happy with that it's been part of my life. Thanks creators! It's a lovely tool that has been a companion to me during my education. The thing I'm having trouble with is the fact that I've been paying for two subscriptions for two years. It's my mistake that for some reason I have two accounts and in having difficulties installing the application, I must have purchased another subscription to the Photography Plan.

      I made a mistake and didn't catch it for quite sometime and literally paid for it for it for 24 months. I'm very confused and sure feel idiotic that it took me so long why i was being double charged. I looked at multiple accounts and when trying to cancel my subscription through my personal account, there was no option for me to cancel online. Apparently my payment needed updating first, though.... i was still being charged so my payment was working? I DONT KNOW!

      When i finally was able to solve the problem, adobe gave me a refund of 60 dollars for my freshman mistake which is nice-ish, but I'm also being charged double for 18 months which ADDED UP just like the loans i had to borrow in order to fund that product and my education! I have only used one subscription. I happily pay for that service and product. But I don't happily pay double for the same product when it is obvious that i made an innocent mistake which I made because of issues with downloading and updating in the first place. I didn't download that product if at all on any computer other than the two i use. And i use my school subscription for that one.


      What more, I go into my account and it is shown that i don't have a purchase order history any more after september 2016 which is before i've gotten double charged so I almost all my billing history is erased.


      I guess overall my gripe is that I feel helpless despite paying my dues and Adobe has made it very difficult to resolve this simple issue and in doing so has created more issues for me by deleting billing information and giving me feelings of being undervalued as a human who has great support for a product that I teach people how to use and recommend often. It just sucks. Great product... but support is part of the experience. Those in Adobe who helped me were wonderful humans but like employee are oft to be have been blocked from resolving the issue from someone who has more jurisdiction, tho is further and more removed from the problem.