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    Use Microsoft Edge Instead of Acrobat


      Since all of the executives at Adobe are shielded behind approximately 10,000 "support" people and "assistants," and can't be reached directly, I'm forced to go to a forum.  OK, I admit it -- I'm still using Acrobat X.  It works fine except for large documents (I just tried to open one about 82MB in size, and Acrobat ran in the background but wouldn't open the document (I have to "kill" Acrobat with Task Manager before shutting down; otherwise I get a warning that a task is still running).


      Anyway, following a hunch one day, I right-clicked on a large PDF and selected "Open With Microsoft Edge."  Presto!  It opened right up and I was able to review the contents.  So here's the message to those anonymous and sequestered execs at Adobe:  why pay an annual extortion fee for the latest and greatest Adobe products (which don't work with slow internet connections -- that's another topic entirely!) when I can use a product that comes bundled for free with Windows 10?


      Just to be clear, I'd prefer if the sycophants and toadies surrounding the execs at Adobe didn't "filter" and "adjust" this message so that (by the time it reaches the execs) it reads, "What a great product!  I couldn't be happier!"