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    that darned AgTransitCargo_pushTransitCargo

    william_b_noble Level 1

      I added an Solid State Hard Drive to my system, redownloaded Lightroom 6 (the stand alone single license product), installed it, and I get


      "The procedure entry point AgTransitCargo_pushTransitCargo could not be located in the dynamic link library c:\programfiles

      adobe\Adobe Lightroom\Wichitafoundation.dll"


      There is a wichitafoundation.dll file dated 12/12/2017 in the indicated folder.


      I have uninstalled and redownloaded.  I have checked for windows updates, I made a clean install from scratch onto the SSHD - There are no understandable instructions in any of the forum entries I have read.  Now what - I have spent about 6 hours on this total trying to read up on the cause and trying various clean starts that just don't work.