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    Basic FLV Questions

    StanWelks Level 1
      1. What are the benefits/main reasons to embed FLV in my page VS. Quicktime video? Are there true functionality benefits or is it just the availability of the Flash player?

      2. Is there any benefit to encoding a FLV in a 3rd party program, such as Squeeze, vs. doing it Flash?

      3. Is there any way to prevent people from being able to download a FLV?

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          RossRitchey Level 4
          1. The availability of the flash runtime, so you can do other things besides only display the video (including customized display of cue points, overlays, etc). You are often able to make smaller files with the FLV encode than with the MOV encode.

          2. Yes. Many 3rd party encoders give you more functionality than the default Flash encoder, including embedding cue points. Also, it is debated that you can get a smaller file at a better quality with some third party encoders vs the default Flash encoder.

          3. No. There are things that you can do to make it more difficult, but, as with anything posted online, there is no sure-fire way to keep people from getting it.