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    How make all 1:1 images view same area?

    DavePinMinn Level 1

      Lightroom whatever the current version is.........


      I have 2 or 5 or 18 images of the same subject.  And I want to view them at 1:1 to look at details.  Take first image, click an area to zoom to 1:1.  Jump to another  image and it may or may not show the area I zoomed to in the first image.  Drag around the current image to view a different area and switch to the previous or another image.  It doesn't show the same area I was viewing in the previous image.  It appears to show the area I was previously viewing.  As I do this repeatedly, looking at different areas of different images, the images do not sync so when I move from image to image I'm not viewing the same area...


      Which is a major pain in the behind when you're trying to figure out WHICH of a bunch of images have the best sharpness in a specific area of the image.  Think several focus stacks of a subject where you're trying to check several areas of the different stack output(s).


      I figure I'm missing some switch or setting or something that will tell Lightroom to sync the viewing area as I move between zoomed images so any image I switch to shows the same area.  And, hopefully, to be able to turn that synch OFF, so moving from image to image DOESN'T display the same area as shown in the previous image.