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    LR crashes when renaming ~5+ fotos

    shotzBlitz Level 1



      LR (v5.7 - not sure about later versions) crashes when renaming several fotos at once withing the library. This worked quite well for months. Currently I need to rename fotos individually or at least less than 5 fotos - this is very annoying for a series with 100+ fotos. Any hints?


      I also tried a new catalog and imported just around 350 photos - it worked to rename more than 10 fotos but crashed with 21 ...


      I heard and experienced a lot that LR is critical with low hard disk space - I have more than 50 GB free on a macOS HighSierra system (v10.13.6).

      My catalog contains around 6000 fotos. LR consumes ~500 MB RAM (phys) and 4GB (virt) - both way below what is available physically.





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          dj_paige Level 10

          Lightroom 5 is known to have problems in High Sierra (OS X 10.13)


          I don't think there is a way to fix Lightroom 5, you can subscribe to the current Lightroom Classic CC (which as of today the current version is 7.4), or you can purchase Lightroom 6.14, or you can downgrade your operating system to Sierra.

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            shotzBlitz Level 1

            Ah, here we go - thanks for the hint. Too bad. Downgrading MacOS is no option - Lightroom Classic CC is too much due to a risk they will raise the price again and again ... (I'd accept $5/month for LR only, the initial LR+PS bundle for $10/month was quite fair IMHO, but I am not using PS in my workflow ;-). I have the little hope that Adobe will have such an option soon (though little chance, I know I know ).


            Nevertheless... I found a work around: it MAY be related to free disk space (or to the MacOS file system APFS?). Now I've moved all 350 files via LR to a NAS (QNAP P219II) that mirrors 2 disk with 4GB each. The NAS is connected via LAN + AFS. Renaming instantly worked for ~189 files in a batch. Is there some recommendations / limitations by Adobe on the file system / free disk space? At least I'd not expect LR to crash without notice ...

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              dj_paige Level 10

              I can't answer the question you asked. But it is my opinion that you will just continue to run into other problems that LR 5 has running under OSX 10.13. It is my opinion you'd be better off in the long run upgrading to 7.4 or 6.14.