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    Lightroom classic will ONLY CRASH!

    tylersti Level 1

      Hello all, to say I'm frustrated would be a monumental understatement. I have a very overly capable desktop with 6 core processor, 8g of ram and 2 big graphics cards, with both a SSD and standard HD. GPU graphics off in lightroom(because that messed everything up last update) Its like a bad joke.


      Yesterday I was prompted to update lightroom, did the update and opened lightroom, I synced two folders to the cloud that never successfully finished(400 files left) Now everytime after startup, populating my library lightroom will crash, I can't click anything it crashes in about 30sec from opening. After 40+ attempts I do not have a functioning lightroom anymore.


      This seriously is beyond unacceptable, I am shooting a client today that will want to review our shoot and select favorites, I will have to do this manually now. Good thing I didn't have a studio shoot that needed tethering today. I see other threads on similar issues, but none that just crash on opening with nothing else. Again and again I am disappointed with adobe software products, Strongly considering switching software because it is my income. A stupid update that included **** I never use left me completely stranded now.


      ADOBE stop making these stacking updates that screws tons of other things up. Simply need to release a stable lightroom program that wont change or need updates for people that cant afford using BETA software.