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    Can't install for all users / possibly permissions issue?

    Anakin Jay
      Ok here's the scenario...

      I have a citrix server running a Visual Studio application that has a browser component that needs to load a page that has flash on it. (mouthfull lol.)

      I've logged in as an administrator, and installed the latest version of flash (uninstalling the previous version first.)

      If I go to this page on the server:

      it tells me flash is working great and is the latest version.

      When I'm on the server, (logged in as myself) and I run the application, everything works fine.

      So then I try it through citrix (which is sort of like a remote desktop for those that don't know) and log in as myself again, and everything works fine.

      But when other users log in... either through citrix, or directly to the server, they get the message that flash isn't installed, and they can't install it because they're not administrators.

      so... obviously I can't make all of my users administrators... is there another fix you guys can think of?