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    Flash embedding problem Windows!  A Bug is detected..

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      Dear Flash developers,

      When browsing on the net, i experienced a strange thing. On some websites flash worked and some not.
      Not only i had this problem but within two weeks i heard that already 8 friends of my expierenced this problem too.

      After some tests i discoverd the difference between why it works on other websites.
      The main thing is the way flash has been embed in the website.

      If you are using an javascript like SWFOBJECT, OC_OETAGS.JS, or other JAVASCRIPTt to embed flash (to get rid of the border around flash) ..then it does not work!

      The only methods that worked is trough the old way embedding flash. Or when use the publish settigns of flash CS3. (the new way).
      But if you are using the auto detection method ...that does'nt work too! There is a big difference between
      this types of embedding (check it out)

      Also very important.. the new method works in IEXPLORER, but NOT in FIREFOX!

      We have a laptop that expierence the same problem.

      Most users who expierence this problem have Windows XP.
      Here is a movie how to fix the flash player.

      link of a movie that shows this problem and a fix for it.

      It has something to do with the Microsoft updates. Also very strange was the fact that in this period of updates the 'SILVERLIGHT' is included. Perhaps Microsoft did this on purpuse?

      One thing is for sure.. it is not easy to install flash on new computers anymore.. and it does
      make our lives of webdesigners a living hell....
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          That's not the problem, sorry. SWFObject embed works as expected in FireFox
          on any site I've done, or come across... and I'm on XP. I've also not had
          _any_ reports from users of any of our sites that say they no longer work...

          Dave -
          Head Developer
          Adobe Community Expert

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            Flash Player 9 r115 included some security 'enhancements' that caused a number of sites to stop working. This is generally a result of crossdomain.xml files being poorly written or having incorrect mime types.

            In these cases, it may appear that the problem affects IE & not Firefox, but what's really happening is that IE's Flash Player has been updated while the player in Firefox is still a previous version.

            I can assure you that the swfobject is working properly in IE, Firefox, and Safari.

            If you are having trouble with swfs on your own server, first make sure that all the browsers you are comparing have the same Flash Player revision, then check out this article: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9_security.html
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              chrisatflash Level 1
              I'm not sure that it's an xml crossdomain security problem, because in our tests we did not use
              any xml..

              We have a pc that will show on some website's flash and some not. So we went testing for a few hours
              and tried several approach. We discovered it did not depend on whether you publish the swf to an older
              version or any version for that matter. But it depents on how you embed the swf in your html page.

              As mentioned before, it happend after a microsoft update, because before everything worked fine.
              And on any website the flash worked fine. And he did not install or do anything with that pc..

              Last weekend i visited my father and he had a new laptop and he also expierenced the same problem..
              I had to uninstall the flash player and reinstall the player online again to get it working.

              I don't think it should be the problem of the user.. because you can't expect of everybody to know how to fix this.
              So we are using this test pc to find a embed method that works anyway.