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    Edits change when viewed on mobile




      I purchased the Adobe subscription a few months ago. However, I’ve had some serious problems with Lightroom. Despite trying all suggestions, I’ve found no solution.


      Whenever I make edits via Lightroom on my desktop, they look fine. However, when I view these images on my phone, the colours and edit completely change, making the edits a complete waste of time.


      The saturation changes completely and the whole image looks different. I really need to find a solution to this as I’m desperate to edit my portfolio work but obviously I cannot as the images will then show up differently when viewed on mobile.


      I am editing on a 2011 MacBook Air and viewing on various Android phones.


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          JohanElzenga Adobe Community Professional

          Maybe you should start by telling us which versions you use of Lightroom on your MacBook Air and of Lightroom Mobile. It may also help to know which version of MacOS X. Please don't say you are using 'the latest version' or something like that. Tell us the exact version numbers.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            There are 2 versions of LR for notebook/desktop computers. LR Classic CC V7.x, the traditional version of LR, and the new Cloud Centric version LR CC. Then there is the Mobile Device LR version for iOS and Android.

            It is not clear which version you are using on your notebook Mac computer.


            Please state which version of LR you are using on your Mac and what version of OS X is running on your Mac.


            If you are using the traditional LR version the edits you do to images aren't necessarily automatically updated to the Web and mobile device versions of LR.