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    HTMLLoader Scrollbars

      I'm working in Flash and have added an HTMLLoader to a movieclip via actionscript. I can't seem to figure out how to add scrollbars. The content is clearly bigger than the window, and the content scrolls if you drag it.

      What I've ended up doing is adding the HTMLLoader to a ScrollPane. It's working, but I'm guessing at the height in order to show the vertical scrollbar.

      I feel like I'm missing something here. Is there a better way to do this?

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          duncanhall Level 1
          You're probably looking for these:


          which will give you the width/height of the content in your HTMLLoader, rather than the dimensions of the HTMLLoader object itself.

          In my experience, mousewheel vertical scrolling seems to be enabled by default for HTMLLoaders. Adding scrollbar functionality is just a case of using your content height/width values in conjuction with your scrollbar dimensions, which can be updated with an Event.MOUSE_MOVE event listerner, initiated after an Event.MOUSE_DOWN event on your scroll button.