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    Scratch disc clarification

    InterrobangMP Level 1

      I've researched this a lot and am only getting more confused.  A lot of video tuts and forums breeze over any explanation of the actual definitions of scratch discs as described by Adobe in the New Project Scratch Discs Dialog box.


      I have found pretty solid information about how best to arrange a 3 disc system as follows:

      Disc 1 (SSD 250gb) - OSX & apps

      Disc 2 (HDD 7200 3TB) - Media & Project files

      Disc 3 (SSD) - 250gb) - Preview/rendered files & Media Cache & Exports/Delivery


      However, when you go to set up a new project in Premiere the options there don't exactly align:

      Captured video - Set to same as project, but does not apply to me

      Captured Audio - Set to same as project, but does not apply to me

      Video Previews - Set to Disc 3, this makes sense

      Audio Previews - Set to Disc 3, this makes sense

      Project Auto Save - "Project Files", Set to Disc 2, this makes sense

      CC libraries Downloads - What the hell is this?

      Motion Graphics Template Media - What the hell is this?


      And where do I select where my Media Cache goes?


      Please help

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          rodneyb56060189 Level 4


          CC libraries Downloads - What the hell is this?

          Motion Graphics Template Media - What the hell is this?



          hehe, thanks for the laugh !  I have no clue either !


          I only use CS6, an older version, before those things existed.


          What I got

          disc 1 SSD OS and programs

          disc 2 HDD raid (mirrored on 2 discs) Source files.

          disc 3 SDD Cache files ( which I should have made larger than what I have - was cost issue 5 years ago and can change if needed)

          disc 4 HDD exports


          Something like that. My edit computer is NOT hooked up to internet and I use a laptop to yap via email, etc. I don't wanna turn on editing thing to get exact specs.


          The internet thing is what your funny comments are about re: "what the heck is THAT? "


          When you 'browse' through the individual potential locations for your stuff you can choose which disks and even what 'directories' the stuff gets put into. I would just choose the disc cause adobe will assign it's own little structure for some stuff. Like, cache files, will be created under some adobe folder structure automatically ( preview, etc. ). Keeping it simple makes it easy to delete the junk when you're done with a project and want to clean out your drives of old stuff you no longer want.


          Since exports are NORMALLY compressed files you can probably get by without the 4th disc. If you have to export the same as resource ( like intermediate codec etc. ) then it might start getting a bit dicey with running out of space.


          The whole purpose is to spread the work load ( reading and writing to disks) so that you don't have to wait for a drive to do BOTH.


          good luck, and thanks for the laugh !



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            R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Running any of the CC versions you have libraries available that you can set for storing certain things both local and in your CC cloud space, or either. Like backing up preferences and such. Including graphics.


            There's a ton of information on using the CC libraries in the PrPro tutorial and help material on the Adobe PrPro online files. I would suggest taking the time to go through that. Among other things, with your user settings backed to your CC account, any computer you sit down to and sign into your CC account at can use your settings from any other computer you've been working on.


            Motion Graphics are the primary graphics in PrPro, using either ones you've created or motion graphics templates (mogrts) that you've acquired elsewhere. There are a ton of mogrts available for free from Adobe stock, btw.


            And as to scratch discs, those aren't set by project but by user, so they're in Edit/Preferences/Media.


            While with spinning discs we all tried to set up across 5 different internal drives, but with some of the very high speed in/out sustained read/write speeds of M.2 and Nvme SSD drives, that's changing.


            Programs should stay on the OS drive, media *and* project files can co-exist on an M.2/Nvme drive, and cache files on another internal SSD works great. And use spinning discs for archived projects and media.