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    Windows desktop builds

    Vectar Level 1

      is it possible to build windows desktop applications with Phonegap? I’m assuming you can only build mobile applications, but just wanted to double check.

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          Vectar Level 1

          Thanks for the reply! I will have a look!

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            milehighjustin Level 1

            Heres what I do...I write in pg/cordova, making sure to only use plugins that support windows. Pages that should replace ios or android versions should be placed in the merges folder. To build it, rather than using PGB (I cant ever get it to sign correctly), I use Visual Studio community. Builds an appx file very nicely and easily. From there you can sideload or send to the windows app store. With sideloading, you will run into some trouble because you need signing certificates and computer unlocked for dev purposes. You can install with signing certificates by using the powershell script that comes with the visual studio build. Let me know if any questions man!

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              milehighjustin Level 1

              I should note that I haven't tried to use PGB since they upgraded to the new Windows platform version on there. It might work better now.


              And if you haven't started yet, Id advise to start the project in Visual Studio Community (not VS code), rather than using PG desktop or pg/cordova CLI. It will bring you back a few versions of cordova and ios/android platform versions, but it will always build nicely for windows. From there, if you keep everything on GitHub, you can easily use PGB to build for ios and android using the same code, and PGB will use the correct platform versions for ios/android.


              The debugging experience with Visual Studio is awesome by the way.

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                Vectar Level 1

                The problem is that the HTML5 content is ready. it was made with Tumult Hype. I have seen many tutorials on how to convert these files into iOS, Android apps. But my clients needs to have it as a Windows desktop App. I'm a Mac user and have no clue how the windows desktop app store works. Or if it's even possible to avoid the appstore and just create a application that people can download from the clients server and that automatically runs as an Application on their windows system.


                I have seen tutorials on how to convert your Tumult Hype HTML5 project to Windows mobile Apps with PhoneGap. But it needs to be a windows desktop App.


                Hope it makes sense?