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    Clicking Sound from Recorded Audio


      Hey Everyone,


      Here is a clip of what my audio sounds like when I am not speaking into the microphone:




      I cannot seem to figure out why my mic is recording like this. When I record - my voice sounds fine but this clicking static drowns it out.


      What is going on? Is my mic haunted?


      Any help greatly appreciated.

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          premieregal Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Kyle - Are you recording using the audio track mixer into Premiere Pro? How was the audio recorded?

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            rodneyb56060189 Level 4

            Yikes. I did a search on google for "steady clicking noise on audio" or something like that...and got all sorts of info on feedback and weird whooshing stuff and clicking etc. Worth searching online for that stuff.  Tons of suggestions.


            I tested a lav mic a couple years ago to see what 'ambient' sound it would pick up. So it wasn't taped to my body but instead put it close to my mouth and cranked up the gain really high...and I started to get this weird oscillating whooshing noise.


            So the gain is one thing that might cause weird stuff to happen.


            you search online you'll see all sorts of things that you can look into, including blue tooth, cell phones, muting other sound inputs ( line in, etc. )