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    Need help with Media Reactor lite addon


      Hello everyone,


      Being a PC user, working with .mov files, Media Reactor offers great options!


      So I bought it and installed it, but I haven't be able to use it so far....


      I've encountered two main issues :


      - I can't export QT H264 -> I don't have the codec displayed in the MOV QuickTime file (MR) list (only ProRes/YCBR/DNX)


      - I tried to export a ProRes file but I'm getting an error :


      I tried to put a video limiter effect, but nothing changed...


      I've contacted Media Reactor support, but they aren't helpful at all. They were supposed to came back to me with a new version within the week, but It's been 3 months now. And everytime I ask them for an updated the answer is always the same : next week.


      Did someone encountered the same issues? I tried to reinstall it, without succes.