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    Loading Movieclips

    martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
      Hi and Good Morning,

      I have a slight dilemma here, and I hope someone may be able to shed some light on the situation!

      I have a movie containing 24 movieclips of images which can be enlarged and reduced to view..

      The page takes 22 seconds to load.. Too long!

      What I would like to do is have each individual movie (or the image inside the movie) load itself up within the document, thus bringing the load time down..

      Can anyone help?

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          martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
          Thinking further about this I believe it would be better to have the images load within the movieclips... although I wonder, once the image has loaded will it be possible to have it enlarge / reduce as this is currently controlled by frame labels? I presume if the image is not 'there' it will not be possible to control it using this method?
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            to reduce your initial load time, you can remove your 24 images and their movieclips from your application. you can then load your images into target movieclips and display the load progress (or not) and/or otherwise entertain the user while waiting for enough images to load to start your app.

            you may be able to continue to use timeline control of your images if your target movieclips are children of the controlling parent timeline.
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              martinjamesroberts1 Level 1
              thanks kglad,

              How would I load the images into the target movieclips? Would all the movieclips be saved out as individual SWFs and loaded into the document, or would the movieclips stay within the main timeline with the images loading into them?

              The problem I have you see is the movement of the clips/images once they are loaded in. I would love to have each movieclip load in but it doesn't seem to like me doing this with 24 movieLoaders as each movie goes outside of the constrains of the document when placed at 0, 0 axis.

              If it would make more sense I could send u the address of my web page privately (as my question will show up on google searches if i put it on here)

              Many Thanks