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    Completely messed up folder restructure by using Update Folder Location


      Oh dear what a mess!  I keep my photo's on my hard drive in a very orderly fashion but had added some new folders and deleted some others whilst trying to free up some space - probably should have done it through Lightroom but hindsight is a wonderful thing!


      I have 3 main folders in a larger folder called Photo's.  The third folder is called Foreign Travel and within that a folder for each trip I've taken - about 45000 photos.


      For some reason it wouldn't let me sinc the folders - the button was greyed out so I went into each folder using Update folder location.


      What this did is create a new folder as a sub folder - each containing 48000 photos


      Now if I try to delete each one of these sub folders with 48000 photo's will I have to import them all again?  Any help will be very much appreciated.



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