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    Cannot download purchased product

      I recently purchased Flex Builder 3 Pro and I'm trying to download the software, but I do not succeed. The Adobe download manager just doesn't do anything. And if it does something, I either get an HTTP 408/409 Server Busy error message or the file arrives corrupted after endless hours of downloading.

      I have a 10Mbps cable connection and alternatively a 6Mbps ADSL line from different providers. Surely the problem is not at my end. If I download files from IBM's websites I get 1GB of files down in minutes.

      This speed problem can be felt in general with the Adobe website. The response time to get to my personal account is the type of "let's have a coffee while waiting" :-(

      And to complete the frustration: as I'm located in the EU, I do not get US support. Hence I have to wait until tomorrow before I get someone on the phone :-(

      Is there any other way to get hold of the Flex Builder 3 Pro installer?